Community renewal projects are activities that meet one or more objectives of the Community Vision Statement. Projects are undertaken by volunteers, who form their own organizations, under their own leadership, to develop and work on the projects' goals.

Current BMCRC-sponsored project groups include:

Community Network (of which, this Web site is a part) 
Wilseyville Library
Paloma Project
Friends of  Railroad Flat School
Friends of Mokelumne Hill School
Sierra Green Days
Frontier Horizons
SAVE our Schools

 If you have an idea for a project you feel the community needs and would like assistance with making this a reality, please bring it to BMCRC for consideration.

All you need to get started is your idea, a few interested citizens and a BMCRC Project Proposal Form, also available at the West Point Library or from any BMCRC Board member.

Project Proposals may be presented at any BMCRC Board meeting. Upon introduction to the board, they are placed on the agenda for action at the next Board meeting. If the Board is interested in your project, you will be asked to complete a more comprehensive Project Development Packet and return it to the Planning/Development and Evaluation Committee for review. The Committee will bring the packet to the Board of Directors with a recommendation for action.

For more information, contact Susan McMorris (209-293-2272).