Our Vision

Our vision statement came to us directly from a community workshop held in May, 1999.

"Our vision is to work cooperatively to improve our communities. Our needs for employment, education, recreation and basic services must be met in light of the things we value, those things that brought and keep us here. In our decisions, we want to demonstrate our respect for people of all ages: children, youth, adults and older adults. We want to ...

"Improve our ability to provide for our families economically by developing existing businesses and creating new businesses where needed. In keeping with the rural nature of our area, we seek to encourage a variety of small businesses that meet the needs of the residents. We want to emphasize sustainable community renewal for long-term prosperity.

"Develop attractive, thriving town centers with a variety of businesses and services. Reliable transit to town centers, as well as safe access for pedestrians and non-motorized modes of travel are desirable.

"Assure the health of our residents through access to health care.

"Strengthen the sense of a unified community that increases the well-being, safety and security of our residents.

"Enhance our ability to grow through a variety of educational opportunities.

"Present a strong unified voice in communicating with the county government.

"We seek governmental recognition of the development needs of our businesses and assistance with obtaining variances in regulations.

"Encourage an active cultural environment that includes art, music and theater that enriches the lives of area residents.

"Provide residents with the opportunity to utilize their skills and talents through employment, volunteerism, and mentoring or apprenticeship programs.

"Promote celebration of, and appreciation of, our local history: gold, timber, Indian and ethnic diversity of the area. We seek to preserve our historical buildings and sites.

"Support good air quality and watershed management; clean, free-flowing rivers, healthy forests, clean air and preservation of wild areas.

"Develop recreational areas for all residents, with opportunities for family recreation, and safe areas for children’s and youth activities."